What is monthly fee and membership fee?

Monthly membership fee system is a system that allows you to bargain all you can hit for 55 minutes at a t time, with only 10.000yen (tax excluded) per month!
Of course! those who are new to us, we also have an " experience course" that allows you to use our store without becoming a member.
It is very affordable system for enjoying golf more easily.

What is indoor golf studio?

Indoor golf is a golf studio that you can enjoy simulation golf as if you are on a real course!It is also possible to check your form with video!
Both midsummer and midwinter, you can enjoy golfing easily in comfortable rooms.

Is there any actual course?

Although our store is an indoor golf studio, we also have " round lessons" to do lessons on actual courses. From lessons beginners to advanced people will do lessons tailored to the level, so please feel free to ask.

Do you guy only do all you can hit?

No, the YGC group has excellent instructors so you can get professional one-point advice even with ordinary blow-you-away ☆ If you want to go further, private lessons (instructor 1 person · Lesson raw maximum 2 people) are also accepted.

I don’t have a tool. Can I rent it?

Yes! At our store, we rent golf shoes, gloves and golf clubs all free of charge!It is safe also for beginners who do not have a club yet! It is okay to come with empty handed ♪We also do club fitting at our store, so please do not hesitate to consult us when considering purchasing!

I am anxious to go to school by myself…

Do not worry! The YGC group's staff are all friendly and fun members.
In addition, we have regular get together and girls' associations on an irregular basis, so there are no worries! It is a great opportunity to make friends as well♪ feel free to come!


  • Yotsuya Golf Club

    Yotsuya Station, walk1minute

  • Toritsudai Golf Club

    Toritsudaigaku Station, walk30seconds