Busy you also receive,
online authentic lessons of the new sense.

You can take the lesson from wherever you want from your tablet, computer or even from the cellphone!
We have 2 different online lesson, one is live lesson which you get to have lesson in a live thru your device, and second one is " One shot lesson" you can choose what kind of technic you want to learn, and send your video to your coach, and you can have lesson thru video with your coach.
For those who is busy and people that wants to learn specific technic, this is the one!


Highly recommended for beginners'!
Try it out first.

Start with lesson guidance, and one on one lesson with your own pace.
Highly recommended for those who " I want to learn but I kind of want to try it first" or " I played golf with my own style but never went to class"
We have free rental for golf shoes, gloves, golf club.
Please come in with empty handed.


We have the newest simulation system
Thru this system you can have presence course lesson

We have the newest simulation system. Thru this system you can have presence course lesson, and you can check your swing while you check the video from the computer! You can get the advice from Pro golfer and have earnest lesson.
Because it is in indoor, in the mid hot summer you have AC, and in the mid cold winter you have heater, so everybody can have lesson under the comfortable atmosphere! We have free rental golf club and gloves, so whenever you feel like you can have lesson with an empty handed!


Highly recommended for beginners'!
Try it out first.

We have course debut lesson plan. We will lecture rules and manners for actual golf tournament.
We also have basic and advance lesson including 9-hole play, and for those who wants to go to higher level we will lecture 18- hole play including putting, approaching lesson.
We do round lesson as well. For any question about the place and price contact us


Whether you of a professional golfer aspiring,
even those who want to enjoy as lessons!

For those parents that has serious vision for you kids we have class that can practice together!!
Dad &Moms hobby? That’s ok too! we can all round together!
First, we would like everyone to enjoy playing golf, so it will be a great motivation to learn golf!
Learn with your own pace, enjoy playing, so everybody will grow guarantee!!


Based on your batting data and swing data
Pro coach will select your golf club.

Golf club and your outfit is the same! We must use the right club based on your height, body shape, stamina. This will be a short cut to become a Pro golfer.
Pro coach will examine you based on your batting data, and swing data, and will pick your best matching golf club!!


Make friends and refresh
and let's compete some skills!

Here at Yotsuya golf club, we do to welcoming get together and coopetition party.
For those who " I want more golf friends!", " I want to talk about golf', " I've been practicing so hard! I want to show my technic!!" or if you have any reason, stop by and join us! We will welcome you!


  • Yotsuya Golf Club

    Yotsuya Station, walk1minute

  • Toritsudai Golf Club

    Toritsudaigaku Station, walk30seconds